Coffee Logistics Ireland JAVA Fusion coffee beans northern ireland.

We are continually developing new and exciting brands for you and below are some of the finest coffee beans exclusive to Coffee Logistics.

JAVA Fusion coffee beans northern ireland

JAVA Fusion Coffee Beans Northern Ireland

Java Fusion, Coffee Logistics signature bean - Is a well roasted, full bodied coffee bean, wonderful as an espresso but when mixed along with milk can send your taste buds mad. We are suppliers of JAVA Fusion Coffee Beans and supply JAVA Fusion Coffee Beans Northern Ireland and Ireland Wide.   Espresso & Coffee Machines

The Pod

Coffee Logistics branded pod That good a flavour - we had to put our name on it. 100% Brazilian Bean  

Convection Roasting

At Coffee Logistics we us convention roasting; that uses only hot air to roast the green coffee beans, controlling heat and airflow until the optimum flavour is achieved then quickly air cooling to ensure no flavour loss.

Filter Coffee

Without changing the formula we just ground our beans to to perfect grind and let the coffee do the talking, truly magnificent brew that will stand on its own merit.